The history of gelato school in Italy

Our Mission

Gelato Specialists empower people to pursue the work they love. We teach you the technical skills and knowledge needed to advance your Gelato business and career.

Director & Chef Manuel Minelli

With a great passion for Italian traditions and more than 15 years of knowledge on Asian markets, Chef Manuel has developed a deep understanding of Asian trends in the business of pastry and gelato.

He knows what the people like, which product brings profits and where the future of desserts will lead us to.

Chef Manuel also collaborates with multinational companies for their distributor setup and the development of their sales, dealing with products ranging from coffee machines, gelato ingredients and equipment.

Our team at Gelato Specialists is motivated by the success of our customers and being the references of quality, service and innovation.

Director & Chef Manuel Minelli of Gelato Specialists shares his passion in making artisan Italian ice cream

Our Story

Since 2008, Gelato Specialists Trading & Consulting has been providing products, services and knowledge to the Asian markets.

We have decided to approach the market of gelato, pastry and chocolate from a completely different perspective.

Our strategy is not to sell machines and products but to teach people, companies and investors on the fine art of gelato:

  • what is gelato?
  • what is the history behind it?
  • how has it developed until today?
  • how to plan a concept that can successfully incorporate our Italian Artisan Tradition of making the best gelato into local Asian context and preferences, e.g. flavour range, texture, sweetness and quality?

Thanks to this cultural synergy and the awareness of local culture and preferences of the Asian markets we operate in, we can believe in the success of ice cream in Asia.

Gelato Specialists empowers you with the right knowledge on how to understand, interpret, develop and produce traditional artisan ice cream. You will be able to develop “your own” unique concept (and flavours) which provides the product that people really want to buy, and using the best equipment and premium ingredients to do so. The resulting pride of selling a product that you can ensure that is of top quality is priceless.

Our Vision

To develop your knowledge on Gelato through our hands-on training and professional consultants in Singapore.

To show you the equipment needed to run an efficient and profitable business in Gelato and Pastry.

To help you analyze the benefits and profits of developing your own company or franchise by providing a natural, tasty and modern way of satisfying customers.

To be a one-stop solution partner that can support, suggest and follow you during the process of increasing your success in this business.

To have direct contact to European manufacturers, suppliers and solution providers, selected by our specialists in this market.