Our Gelato School shows you how to develop and produce traditional artisan ice cream using the best equipment and natural, top quality & premium ingredients

Gelato School

We provide a 3-days training course that will give you the knowledge and technical ability to diversify your product line, and improve the quality of your Gelato. It will also help you to sharpen your customer service skills and improve customer relations.

Individual course, on-request lessons and tailor-made consulting services are also available.

Customisation of Q & A Sessions, team-building workshops and corporate events can be arranged too.

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1st Day – Theory

The origins of ice cream
  • What is ice cream?
  • Difference between industrial ice cream and artisan ice cream
  • Ice cream consumption trends
  • Market research: what the consumer thinks of artisan ice cream
  • Raw materials
  • Production cycle
  • Laboratory machines
  • Complementary equipment
  • Display of ice cream in your selling-point
  • Artisan Ice cream maker becomes Entrepreneur
  • Formulation of Sorbet and Sherbets, solid, anti-freezing power and sweetness calculations.

  • Wine and Liqueur Sorbets
  • Sorbet Base formulation
  • Sweeteners
  • Sweetening power
  • Melting power
  • Fruit selection
  • Methods for controlling sweeteners
  • Yogurt production
  • Yogurt cultures
  • Yogurt Gelato
  • Gelato pastes
  • Standard Gelato mix
  • Flavoured Gelato mix
  • Using spices, herbs and infusions

  • Marketing: The importance of locations and customer base
  • Why do we lose customers?
  • Store renovation: a fad, or a necessity?
  • Developing single shop concept or franchising chains

Day 2 – Hands-on & Theory

We will be making the sorbets based on the recipes prepared on 1st day.

Raw materials
  • Basic recipes: white base, yellow base, chocolate and fruit sorbets
  • Proportioning ice cream mixes

  • why and how – Ice cream: ageing and not ageing through “thermo-shock”, different quality?

Hardening process and cold chain management
  • Ice cream structure
  • Production of custard ice cream flavours on white base and yellow base
  • Production of fruit flavours on milk and sugar syrup base
  • Production flexibility
  • Storing ice cream
  • Display and distribution
  • Hygiene and safety
  • The image of your shop
  • How to offer ice cream
  • Service and controls on management
  • Formulation of Gelato and Ice Cream recipes, solid, anti-freezing and sweetness calculation
our Gelato School provides a 3-days training course which includes theory and hands-on training in an industrial kitchen setting

Day 3 – Hands-on & Marketing

We will be making the gelato ice cream based on recipes calculated on day 2.

Gelato in Asia - How? What? When? Where?
  • How to make the gelato for the Asian customers?
  • Too sweet? How to solve this problem
  • How to outsource local products and ingredients
  • Local and traditional Asian flavours and how to make them into Gelato
  • Costing and profitability in Asian countries
  • Return of Investment
  • One Shop or 100 shops? How expansion can improve or negatively affect profitability, quality and success of the business
  • Target of customers
  • When and where is it more profitable to invest?
  • Where to save and where to spend to have the best gelato in town
Gelato Specialists' Gelato School trains you with the technical skills and knowledge needed to advance your Gelato business and career and excel in areas of innovation, quality, and service.